Aaaaaa I Sold My First Online Course!


Hi everyone!

I have fantastic news! 🙂

I just sold my first course, a course I succeeded to make within one week, as part of a challenge on Niamh Kromo‘s Facebook group- Exceptional Life Seekers . I had been seriously wishing to make a course since August and I would never had imagined things would move so fast.

In less then 20 days after completing my course, I sold my first one. And it’s not just the sale (not that I want to minimize the satisfaction that the achievement of materializing your wishes and manifesting money from doing something you profoundly enjoy brings), but also the fulfillment of sensing how your creation touches someone and makes them enthusiastic- it’s indescribable!

I am very happy today.

You can take a look at the description here or click the image below and if you decide to try it I’ll be happy to see you in the group for more!


Rebranding And Self-expression Online Course-Show Up In Your Life And Business

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