Out Towards the Edge

” He brushed the page, but there was nothing there. He rubbed his eyes, but it still didn’t go away. In fact, it was even more curious, because he could still see it when his eyes were closed.

And it was slowly getting bigger. It wasn’t a spot anymore, it was a line: a curved line, like a loosely scribbled letter C, and it was sparkling and flickering in a zig-zag pattern of blacks and whites and silvers.

Asta said ‘What is it?’

‘Can you see it?’

‘I can feel something. What can you see?’

He described it s well as he could. ‘And what can you feel ?’ he added.

‘Something strange like a sort of far-off feeling… As if we’re a long way apart and I can see for miles and everything’s very clear and calm… I’m not afraid of anything, just calm… What’s it doing now?’

‘Just getting bigger. I can see past it now. It’s getting closer and I can see the words on the page and everything through the middle of it. It’s making me feel dizzy, a bit. If I try and look at it directly it slides away. It’s about this big now.’ He held out his left hand with the thumb and forefinger curved round, indicating the gap between them to be about as long as the thumb itself.

‘ Are we going blind?’ said Asta.

‘I don’t think so,’cause I can see perfectly well trough it. It’s just getting closer and bigger, but sort of sliding out of the way too, out towards the edge… As if it’s just going to float past and behind my head.’

They sat in the quiet little room, in the warm lamplight, and waited until the sparkling line had drifted closer and closer to the edge of his vision and eventually just beyond it, and then was gone. Altogether, from beginning to end, the experience lasted about twenty minutes.”

“The Book of Dust-Vol.I” – Philip Pullman 




În mijlocul peştilor uimiţi


” Peste tot ce este substanţă naturală şi artificială se întinde o pojghiţă subţire de realitate şi oricine îşi doreşte să rămână în acum, pe acum, împreună cu acum, să aibă mare grijă să nu străpungă pelicula de suprafaţă. Altminteri, scamatorul lipsit de experienţă se va trezi că nu mai păşeşte pe apă, ci că se scufundă pe verticală şi ajunge drept în mijlocul peştilor uimiţi.”

(V.N.-“Lucruri transparente”)


The Road Ahead


I’m the luckiest in the world. I can sit here and think about things and give them shape, in pencil or digitally, I get to put words together to tell a story… to tell The story – The Story of things the way I see them, the way they reveal themselves to me… what could be better?


I want this space to be one where you can see pieces of the world, usually scattered in messiness, but making at least a little bit of sense, if not coming together in this amazingly meaningful way, that one can never escape if really looking.

A space with people and the outside circumstances they find themselves in, but also -if not mainly- peeking at the internal  mechanisms that make people thrive, feel stuck and everything in between.

“Internal mechanisms”…that’s a little abstract…what does that mean?

Well, since abstract art is not my thing, even if I can appreciate it when others do it well, I am talking about using metaphor, storytelling and mainly narrative illustration to make these internal, often invisible triggers, processes and patterns understandable and manageable.


Just like naming birds and talking about their habits. Simple as that!


I hope you’ll join me on this!


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